Samhain Secrets (A Wiccan Wheel Mystery #4) by Jennifer David Hesse


Samhain Secrets Book Cover Samhain Secrets
A Wiccan Wheel Mystery #4
Jennifer David Hesse
Mystery, Cozy Mystery
August 28, 2018


It's that haunted time of year when skeletons come out to play. But Edindale, Illinois, attorney Keli Milanni discovers it isn't just restless spirits who walk the night . . .

After her recent promotion to junior partner, Keli is putting in overtime to juggle her professional career and private Wiccan spiritual practice. With Halloween fast approaching, her duties include appearing as a witch at a "haunted" barn and hand-holding a client who's convinced her new house is really haunted. But it's the disappearance of Josephine O'Malley that has Keli spooked.

The missing person is Keli's aunt, an environmental activist and free spirit who always seemed to embody peace, love, and independence. When Josephine is found dead in the woods, Keli wonders if her aunt's activities were as friendly as they seemed. As Keli comes to terms with her loss--while adjusting to having a live-in boyfriend and new demands at work--she must wield her one-of-a-kind magic to banish negative energy if she's going to catch a killer this Samhain season. Because Keli isn't ready to give up the ghost . . .

descriptiondescriptiondescriptionI am really enjoying this series a lot. The books are well written. The characters are very likable. I found Keli to be much more likable in this installment. I love Wes and all the quirky side characters. I love the Wiccan holiday theme and the settings. The mystery in this one was very well laid out and kept me guessing right up until the end. So yea, this was a delightful way to spend a grey and rainy Saturday.


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