Shadowed By Rina Kent



Title: Shadowed
Series: Team Zero 
Author: Rina Kent
Genre: Mafia Romance Suspense
Release Date: June 27, 2019



She ran from monsters but fell into the trap of the most dangerous one.
Shadow is as untouchable as his name. A fighter. A killer. A mafia man.
To avenge my mother’s death, I barge into his world head first.
It starts as a game. A bet. A push and pull. But then it spirals into a web of secrets and forbidden desires.
The more I get to know the man within, the harder he consumes me.
He’s too much. These feelings are too much.
I run, but can I hide from a monster?
To protect my deadly secret, I drown in killing and madness. The facade hides my darkness and pushes everyone away. 
Not her.
Zoe provokes me. Challenges me. She twists her fingers in my black heart and stirs a part I thought was long dead. 
Then she runs.
She calls me a monster.
Well, this monster will never let her go.










Rina Kent is a lover of suspenseful plots and edgy characters. She has always been obsessed with romance. Storytelling is in her blood. Plotting is her addiction. Flawed and gripping characters are her drug. She makes it her mission to give them all types of trouble before granting them happy endings.


When not scheming her characters’ fate, Rina manages a hectic schedule divided between studying and living with the most supportive husband and a not-very-supportive cat.



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descriptiondescription3.5 Stars

I really liked the previous book in this series GHOSTED and Shadow and Zoe intrigued me a lot, so I was excited to dive into their story. Did I like it? Yes. As much as Ghosted…not quite. And I’ll tell you why. (lol) My main intrigue about this couple came from things we learn in Ghosted. We don’t get to that point in this book until 50%. Now I know the author had to lay the groundwork for the romance so when we got to that point things would make sense. But I found myself just pushing through the first half to get to the part of their story that intrigued me more. I wanted more of that. More of them as an actual couple. A small part of me kind of thinks this book should have been before Ghosted. *shrug* The other small issue I had was I expected the sex to be more kinky and more plentiful. Other than a couple rough roll arounds it felt pretty tame. 
descriptionThose couple issues aside, I still found this one to be a decent read. I enjoy this author’s writing. The plot was intriguing. There is a great cast of secondary characters. No OW or OM drama. Both the main characters were likable. Shadow (not a manwhore) was super intense. But still sweet with Zoe. Zoe (not a virgin) was feisty and strong. Last, it was all wrapped up in a three months later epilogue. I would have preferred one a little farther into the future, but I am sure we will see this couple again in Mist’s book. I don’t like Mist, so I don’t think I’ll be reading that one. All in all, it was a good read and gets a thumb up from yours truly.



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