Shimmy Bang Sparkle By Nicola Rendell


In the past, this author’s books have been a little hit or miss for me. I find she tends to get a bit longwinded at times and because of that, her books can drag along in places. That said, the whole “jewel thief” premise of this one intrigued me enough that I decided to give her another chance. Luckily, this one didn’t suffer from too much needless rambling. Yes it did start to drag a bit near the end, and I think the author could have cut a few pages here and there to move the story along at a slightly better pace, but overall it was certainly one of the better books I have read by Miz Rendell.
descriptionSo deets…this was simply a lovely and humorous read. There was zero drama. Zero angst. It had an interesting plot. It had some great secondary characters. Both the main characters were very likable. It had some spice (the first sex scene was Oh là là hot!). A cute dog. And a sweet ending. 
descriptionMy only complaint is the romance was maybe a bit…lackluster? For lack of a better word. Basically, the hero sees the heroine; they flirt, he follows her home and instant relationship. No issues. No fights. Nothing. There were certainly times when the plot lent itself perfectly for there to be a bit of angst injected. Both relationship wise and background wise. But nothing really ever came about. I felt that the author missed a bit of an opportunity in that regard. Still, all in all, this was an enjoyable read and will be perfect for those that like their reads sweet and drama free. description
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