Sin’s Temptation by Evie Harrison



Inventor of one of the world’s best-selling sex toys and owner of a popular chain of erotic shops, Jordan Sinclair has it all. Time and time again he’s lived up to the nickname the press calls him, Mr. Sin. This confirmed bachelor has no intention of ever settling down.

That all changes during a visit to one of his Erotic Bent sex stores when he spots eighteen-year-old Natalie Farrar in aisle six. The dark haired beauty has him ensnared in the blink of an eye. The attraction between them is palpable and within minutes Jordan knows there’s nothing he won’t do to claim and keep her by his side forever.

Sin’s Temptation is Book One in the Erotic Intentions series. Each story will be a standalone full of page-melting heat courtesy of alpha men claiming their women. No cheating. No lying. No deceit. Just true love and an abundance of steam



Jordan Sinclair owns a string of successful sex shops. He is filthy rich. He is hot. They call him “MR. SIN” and he has NO plans on ever settling down. That is until this confirmed bachelor sets his eyes on eighteen-year-old Natalie Farrar.

One look at the innocent dark haired beauty has him rethinking his whole life plan. One touch and he knows that he will do everything and anything to keep her at his side forever.

description“I’ll be anything you want me to be,” I growled. “Your daddy, your lover, your best friend, your savior, your hero, your provider. Anything you desire, I’m going to give you. Anything you need, I’m going to make it happen. Just tell me what you want.”


WELL WELL WELL seems we got ourselves a new “super short – insta-love – smokin hot – alpha” writer in the hood. I LOVED this one. It was well written. It had likable characters. It was SMOKIN hot. The author even threw in a little “DADDY KINK”. Which warmed my little kinky heart. We even get a nice little into the future epilogue.

So why not 5 stars. I wanted it to be longer. I was enjoying it so much and I think it could have easily translated into a longer book. Which brings me to my other wish. I wanted a little “angst.” For how much of a manwhore Jordan was (even sleeping with married ladies) I wanted this to come back and bite him in the ass with Natalie. I would have liked to see him have to chase her a bit because of his philandering ways prior to her. It just would have added that extra “something” that would have made it a total 5 star read for me.

In anycase…I was much impressed with this author and will for sure be keeping my eyes out for future releases.


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