The Girl In The Closet By Michelle Heard




Escaping an unthinkable nightmare, I’m given a second chance at life. Cole Trenton is the first person to look past the broken girl. But the moment I give him my heart he leaves.

Secrets never stay buried, and mine returns with a vengeance.
Cole walks back into my life when I need him most. He shows me how to be strong, that monsters only have the power you give them.

But my biggest fear remains.
How do I silence the girl in the closet before I lose Cole again?


I always knew Birdie Liles was different, but that didn’t stop me from falling for her.
After years of being away, I return home to bury my best friend,
only to learn that Birdie’s in trouble.

If I had known about the monster from her past, I never would’ve left.
I went to fight someone else’s war while I left the woman I love unprotected.

But I’m here now, and I’m ready to send Birdie’s demon right back to hell.



Michelle Heard is a Bestselling Romance Author who likes her books hot, dirty, and with a touch of darkness. She loves an alpha hero who is not scared to fight for his woman. Want to be up to date with what’s happening in Michelle’s world? Sign up to receive the latest news on her alpha hero releases, sales, and great giveaways →



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descriptiondescriptionSo I don’t know what to say about this one. It was a good book, but lord it was depressing as F-CK. From beginning to end…depressing without a single lighthearted break until the very end. That said, the writing was still very good. It was well paced. The plot was engaging. The baddie aspect was OK (a little underdeveloped). I wouldn’t say this was an angsty book relationship wise, mostly because this couple is not even a couple until 77% into the book (although they both love the other). Needless to say, because of the slow burn nature of the story the heat level was super low. There was also no OW or OM drama.
descriptionThere was a good cast of secondary characters (one of which appears to already have a book of his own), and both main characters were likable. The heroine was a virgin (groan), but in this case, it made sense. I don’t think the hero was a manwhore, but I am reasonably sure he slept with OW in the eight years they were apart. Which I am adding because I know it will bother some people since he claimed to be “in love with her always.” However, it is never mentioned one way or the other. Last, it was all wrapped up in a sweet ending.description
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