The Nightmare Before Dinner By Zach Nei


descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptionSo I’ll admit, I have a thing for cookbooks that tie into movies, tv shows, and books. Needless to say, when I saw this one up on NetGalley I just knew that I had to make it mine. I am a HUGE fan of Tim Burton, and one of my favorite movies is THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Making this cookbook a match made in book reviewing heaven for me.
descriptionThis was an entertaining cookbook to flip through. It had a nice array of photos, colorful graphics, and fun fonts that made it visually pleasing. 

This cookbook is divided into the following chapters…
— Introduction: This Is Halloween
— Beetle House Must-Haves
— Sauces & Dips for the Recently Deceased
— Nightmares Before Dinner
— Herbs, Plants & Cauldrons
— Platos de Los Muertos
— Tricks & Treats
— Poisons, Potions & Elixirs
— Put the FUN Back in Funeral

Each chapter includes a plethora of exciting recipes that include a little introduction to the recipes. Followed by well laid out and easy to follow instructions on how to make the dish. All finished off with an extra TIP or GO VEGAN. 
descriptionHere is just a small taste of the yummy recipes you will find inside…
— Edward Sauce
— Veruca Sauce
— Brains & Chips
— Beetle Bacon Bread
— Giant Peach Salad
— Cheshire Mac and Cheese
— Sweeney Beef (I love that this one is served with a switchblade knife (lol).
— Silence of the Lamb Chops
— Shrimpy Hollow
— Bloodbath Cobbler
— The Beetle’s Juice
— Alice’s Cup of Tea

I enjoyed this one a lot, and I think it would make a fantastic gift for any Tim Burton lover who enjoys cooking!description


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