The Physical: A Doctor Romance by Fiona Blake



After a tour of duty as an army doctor, nothing surprises Mason Black. Now that he’s back from Afghanistan, he works in the ER. It gives him the adrenaline rush he needs and keeps him busy. The nurses love him, but he doesn’t have much time for women.Until he meets Tess, that is.
She’s unlike any woman she’s ever met. The problem is she’s his patient. And she’s barely legal.

It takes every ounce of energy to resist her. But the idea of owning her svelte gymnast physique makes him strain with desire.
It’s wrong, but he needs to have her. And when a dangerous secret emerges, she may need him more than she knows.

Warning: this book is a hot and steamy rollercoaster of a novel. This book is perfect for readers who want a quick-and-dirty dose of insta-love.




Mason Black is an ex soldier now ER DR. The adrenaline rush of a busy ER keeps him on his feet and helps him deal with his memories. A hot piece of mancandy to the nurses, Mason doesn’t have much use for woman and prefers the company of his dog Sam.

That is until Tess Delacroix lands in his ER with severe injuries. There is just something about this young dark haired beauty that has Mason intrigued. A friendship forms between these two, but when Mason finds out she is only 18, he makes a decision that will separate them for two years..

description“Are you sure you can handle me?” I asked. “I’m a man, Tess, not like whatever boys you might have played around with before.”


Unfortunately I didn’t love this one. I think this author has potential for sure, but this was a bit of a chore to get through…

We start off with Tess being SEVERELY injured and Mason saving her life. There is something that intrigues him about her, so he starts to stop by and visit. A tentative friendship forms. When he finds out her age (18) he basically decides things can’t happen and just stops going to see her. A week later she is released and BAM we are now two years in the future!!

This jump ahead felt VERY jarring to me. Prior to her accident Tess was going to compete in the Worlds for gymnastics. In the hospital no one is sure she will even get full mobility back. Two years later she is back to 100% and competing again? Not to mention that problems with her deadbeat Dad are alluded to, but how did things go with THAT over the two years??


My other problem was I just never felt a connection between these two characters. Friendship at first, sure, but neither sought the other out in the two years after and all of a sudden he is popping hardons and she is trying to seduce him in her dilapidated southern mansion.

When they finally do have sex (@ 85% in) the dialogue is really rather cheesy and my eyes might have rolled a bit. Like I said, this author has potential, but this needed to be WAY more fleshed out. The whole deadbeat criminal Dad needed to be fleshed out more. The relationship between Mason and Tess needed more buildup and time spent together. The author does get props for having a nice epilogue though.


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