The Rebound: A Billionaire Romance by Reese Patton



What happens when Mr. Right Now turns out to be Mr. Right?

From the moment she fell into my lap, I knew I wanted her…
The first time billionaire mogul Parker Barnes wraps his arms around Alyson, she fits so perfectly against him–he thinks she belongs there and nowhere else. The second time he feels her delectable touch, he knows she’s the only one he wants. Parker just needs to convince her that he’s the one she wants even if his controlling and demanding nature is enough to drive any other woman away. Parker pulls the strings and pulls her closer to him, but can he keep her there once she’s near?

The devil you don’t know is always worse than the devil you know, even if he is a very sexy devil…
Alyson York’s life is spinning out of control. Her marriage is over, her bank account is empty, and she is left with nothing after nine years of marriage. In less than an hour, her soon-to-be ex-husband destroys her belief in the phrase happily married. Just when she thinks it can’t get any worse, her world crumbles a little bit more and she finds herself in the safe embrace of a complete stranger.

She never expects to see the man again, until he walks into her office demanding she meet all of the conditions tied to his donation. Parker’s everything she needs in a rebound, the man to soothe away the hurt and pain from her ex, but is she willing to risk freshly broken heart?

If you enjoy smart and sassy heroines, sexy alpha heroes, and plots filled with intrigue and conflict, then you’ll love Reese Patton’s latest novel, The Rebound: A Billionaire Romance – Get your copy today!

This steamy billionaire romance is a full-length standalone novel withno cliffhanger, no cheating, and a HEA.




Alyson York’s life is spinning out of control. Arriving home from work her husband of 9 years greets her with changed locks, divorce papers, and the news he is leaving her for their surrogate.

Billionaire mogul Parker Barnes lives for his work, but when he sees a distraught woman sitting on the curb, he sits down next to her and offers a shoulder to cry on. He soon finds his arms filled with the most delectable morsel he’s held in awhile.

Parker wants forever, but with Alyson’s hurts still fresh, can he ever be anything more than a REBOUND


I enjoy this one, but I didn’t LOVE it.

First off, I love this author. The writing was great in this one. The plot flowed nicely I never had the urge to skim. There were feels, but also humor. Alyson’s BFF Natalie was funny (if a tad pushy at times) I enjoyed Parker as a hero. He was sweet. I liked Alyson as well, until she made a HUGE shit for brains decision that left me scratching my head and thinking “this woman is the biggest IDIOT to ever be born” But even with that moment, I still found her likable.

So what didn’t work for me? A couple things really. One, was the timeline. We open the book with Alyson coming home from work to find her locks changed, and her husband of 9 years leaving her for the surrogate. She is as one would expect, upset to say the least. My problem was, that literally a few days later she is starting this romance up with Parker. I just didn’t buy it. It was way too soon IMO. NO WAY is any woman going to go through that and want to jump into ANYTHING with another man a measly few days later. I wish the author had made it a few months later instead. FOR ME that would have made it more believable.

description“Oh god, you.” “I’m not god, Alyson.” Nibbling on her ear still, I slide my hand away from her clit and rest my palm against her stomach. “Specifics.” “You. Inside me. Please.”

The other issue I had was Parker. I felt his character was REALLY under developed. At the end of the book I STILL knew NOTHING about him other then he was married to his work and had estranged step brothers. He never shares anything about himself with Alyson. Nothing about his parents, his work, the stories behind his tattoos. Why he is estranged from his step brothers. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

It’s also alluded to throughout the book that he is all “Fifty Shades of Grey” like, but we never really get to see anything remotely like that. Other then holding her wrists and telling her not to move and use “red” he wasn’t controlling nor demanding in the least. I kept waiting for him to go all “Christian Grey” on her ass, but it never happened…sigh.

So all that aside, though this one DID have some issues. I still really enjoyed it, so it gets a solid 3 stars from your truly.


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