Too Good Girl By Eleanor Lloyd-Jones



Title: Too Good Girl
Author: Eleanor Lloyd-Jones
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 14, 2018
Cover Credits: Schmidt’s Author Services




Syra Johnson was thirteen when she died inside. 
She was sixteen when she ran away from home and not much older when Jack Palmer saved her for the first time. 
Coping with her grief by shutting down, she became reckless with her life, keeping everyone at arm’s length, including Jack. 
Now, she’s nineteen, and her need to feel anything other than despair is as exhausting as it ever was. 
Jack Palmer lives a lonely life, working at night in the streets of the seaside town where they both live. The only thing that keeps his heart beating loud enough is Syra Johnson: his friend and the girl he wishes he could love. 
However, his attempts to keep her from falling further get thrown back in his face, breaking him a little more each time. 

Will the darkness that snatched her away drag her deeper than before, or will Syra let Jack save her again and open herself to becoming whole?




I jumped down and yanked him with me. “I want to paddle. Come on.” Setting off at a light jog, I reached the water’s edge in no time, slipping back out of my shoes and dropping them to the sand next to my bag and my jacket. I bent down and rolled the bottoms of my skinny jeans up as far as they would go and turned around, grinning and slightly out of breath, to make sure Jack was following suit.
He wasn’t.
He was standing there, watching me.
My breath caught in my throat as I looked in his eyes that sparkled in the moonlight, and my chest heaved as I swallowed down, no idea what was going on. “What?”
He shook his head. “Nothing.”
“Well why are you staring at me?”
“Because you look happy. It’s good to see you smiling.”
I swallowed again before rolling my eyes to cover my embarrassment and the feeling of blood rushing in my ears. “Come on.”
Turning back around, I took my first tentative steps into the freezing cold water, my heart pounding in my chest and an unknown feeling in my stomach.




Eleanor Lloyd-Jones is and always has been a perpetual daydreamer. A mum of one and a full-time primary school teacher, she spins plates and chases her tail in order that she can live out the dream she has had since being a little girl: to write stories. 
Like all indie authors, her ambition is to hit the big time, make all the lists and have some hot-shot movie producer pick up one of her books and turn it into the next blockbuster. Until that happens, she is content to type away, bringing her imagination to life, and just hopes that the people who read her words get some sort of enjoyment out of them and love her characters as much as she does.




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descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescriptionHmm, I am not entirely sure how to rate this book. It really wasn’t what I expected after reading the synopsis. For the first 60%, Jack was honestly just a secondary character, and it was mostly just Syra whoring around and making one bad decision after the other. However, the last 40% of this book was fantastic and total 5-Star material. We finally get Jack’s POV and the book started to go in a much more enjoyable direction for me. So it wasn’t a bad book by any means. It was certainly well written and well paced, and the plot was still engaging and had me turning the pages. I think mainly, I would have just preferred we had gotten to the 60% point a bit sooner. I needed a bit more Jack and a little less of Syra’s bad decision parade.
descriptionThis book really wasn’t heavy on secondary characters. I was actually quite intrigued by Doug even with him being a supreme asshole. I would have liked to have seen that storyline fleshed out a bit more. Neither were virgins. The sex scenes were pretty mild. There wasn’t any OW drama or any OM drama per se, but Syra got around A LOT. There is also drug use by the heroine. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I ever really warmed up to Syra. We get a brief glimpse at the end of a more “likable” heroine, but for most of the book I thought she was a self-centered twat who took the easy way out (drugs, sex, etc.) instead of pulling up her big girl panties and taking the hand of at least two people that were trying to help her. I guess my tolerance is low for “woe is me…I’ve had such a rough life” heroines today (lol). Jack, on the other hand, was a frigging SAINT. He certainly deserved better than Syra for sure. Last, it was all wrapped up in an OK happy for now ending. I think I would have liked to have seen some type of epilogue for this couple. A look into the future so I at least could have a feeling that Syra got her life together, and it stayed that way. So yea, a bit of a mixed bag with this one. The first 60% of the story was probably a 3-Star read. The last 40% kicked it up a couple notches making that part a 5-Star read. So I guess I’ll go with 4-Stars for now while I marinate on it a bit more. descriptiondescription



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