Tossed Into Love By Aurora Rose Reynolds


descriptionI went into this one not expecting to like it much. I read a few reviews before diving in, and many of them had issues with Antonio being an ass. And he was an ass, to be honest. Had I been Libby I would have taken that baseball bat he had shoved up his rear end for three years and beaten him with it. Then I would have gone out and found me a none whiny douche to have hot sweaty monkey sex with. Alas, that isn’t the direction the author went in. 
descriptionThat said, I didn’t hate it either. I could have done without Libby being a virgin, because HELLO it is 2018 and women are allowed to have sex for crying out loud. Not to mention, it was a little pathetic on her part to be saving her virginity for a guy who did nothing but treat her like a piece of shit for three solid years all because he overheard her talking about wanting a designer purse? Oy vey… Also, there were WAY too many “cutes.” But, all in all, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, and the epilogues were sweet. 


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