Touchdown (Game Day #1) by T.S. McKinney



Alexander Bryant has lived his entire life making everyone else happy. After meeting Lincoln, will he have the courage to finally do what makes him happy?

Alexander – I like to imagine myself a rebel – an ass-kicker that takes what he wants regardless of what others think. I make my own path and flip off the people who don’t agree. I laugh in the face of conflict. Nobody tells me what to do.

In reality, everything about me is a lie – past, present, and future. The Bryant name requires certain things and all my decisions are based on those requirements. I like football, but the family name demands I love it. I want to be an artist, but the family name demands I be a lawyer. The family demands I fall in love with a nice girl, but I’m falling for, well, the opposite of nice AND girl. I’m a coward and a liar.

Lincoln – I like to imagine myself a loner – a cold heartless bastard that takes what he wants. I lived the biggest part of my life with parents that were ashamed of me for more reasons that one could begin to count, so I trust no one.

I have a low tolerance for bullshit and hate liars.

So why did I go and fall in love with the biggest liar of them all?



O-M-G was this book AMAZEBALLS

Alexander Bryant is filthy rich, a straight A student, captain of the football team and dating Miss Alabama herself. Life couldn’t be more perfect. That is if Alex wasn’t living a lie..

description“I was hoping you were going to say you were just kidding. That there really was no such thing as you trying to stuff your entire arm up my ass but, no, you had to act like it is going to happen in the near future.”

Dragged out to club Den for a night of fun by his teamamtes, Alex catches the eye of owner and Dom Lincoln Montgomery. Linc is hot, sexy and commanding. When he persuades Alex up on stage feelings Alex has never felt before for another man start making themselves known.


Will Alex get over his fear and out from under the thumb of his family? Will Linc open his heart knowing Alex may forever remain in the closet? Can a weary Dom and a sassy submissive QB have an HEA? Well I guess you’ll have to read to find out!

description“Give me your safe word.” “Safe word. Sure, I’ve got one of those. How about stop? Fucking stop? That fucking hurts? I can come up with dozens of these.”

OMG I LOVED this book. From page one I KNEW this was going to be an awesome read. It has a fabulous cast of secondary characters. I ADORED Alex’s teammates and I CANNOT wait to read Tank’s book. It was well written and the plot flowed nicely. I was never bored or felt the need to skim.


Linc and Alex were both great characters. I loved their funny banter and that Linc, although a Dom was not overly uptight and knew when to tease and laugh. I loved how sassy Alex was and there were some laugh out loud moments when he was being shown all the “tools of the trade” by Linc. I was glad it didn’t take a huge portion of the book for Alex to come to terms with his “GFY” stance. He’s confused for awhile (totally understandably) but ultimately is the one to make the decision to give him and Linc a chance.

description“I want to forget again.” I turned to look at him. “Make me forget who I am again.” “No, I’m going to make you remember who you are, Alexander.”

Surprisingly, there was also a lot of feels in this one. Mostly towards the end after the BIG drama took place. I’ll admit, a tear or two might have been shed on my part…don’t judge. One thing stopped this from being a total 5 star read, and that was the ending. Sigh, authors, authors, authors….please don’t short change us readers with non existent epilogues or sub par ones. This one ended really abruptly. So much so I was left thinking I was missing a chapter or something. Now since we get a look at the next book, I suspect we’ll hear more about Alex and Linc in that one, still it was a bit of a bummer…

Overall though, this was one enjoyable read…


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