Winter By Jessica Florence



Winter…A (Hero Society #5) Standalone by Jessica Florence is available now!



Winter has fallen.

A time for heroes to break the ice.

Gwendolyn has never enjoyed being different, but she’s playing the cards she was dealt, rarely caring that people thought her to be the human robot of Seahill. 

Her world is organized, with her career and duty to the Hero Society as her only focus. 

Until him. 

Arthur lives blissfully in a chaotic world of art. Then he sees her—his perfect canvas—and never looked away. 

When a threat is made against the world, Arthur and Gwendolyn must work together to stop a powerful corporation from destroying the earth’s ecosystem. 

The Heroes have a second chance to fight back the shadows of mankind. 

Will they fail at the first true test of their renewed Society? 

Or will they repeat the same fatal mistakes, losing Earth in the process? 



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descriptiondescriptiondescriptiondescription~WRITING – PLOT – PACE~
When I finished the previous book in this series, I declared it my favorite book of the series. Well, move over NIGHT because this one has nudged you out of first place (lol). This was such a delightful book to read. It was so super sweet. The writing was fantastic. It was well paced. The plot was engaging, and it made me bawl like a baby. What more can you ask for?


ARTHUR…What can I say about Arthur? He was one of the sweetest heroes I have ever read. He was patient. He was charming. He was loving. He was all about Gwendolyn from the minute he lays eyes on her. I loved him.


GWENDOLYN…I adored Gwendolyn just as much as Arthur. She was charmingly awkward. She was wicked smart. I loved that when it came to Arthur, she wasn’t afraid to push her limits. She was a great heroine.
There wasn’t a huge cast of secondary characters in this book, but we do get to see glimpses of some other Hero Society members.


VERY LOW. There is only one mildly erotic sex scene.


LOW. This book was very low on the angst scale. It is very insta-love and easy peasy relationship wise. The heroine was a virgin which a HATED because I am so tired of virgins in romance books. However, I also understood why she was still a virgin, so I tried not to let it tick me off overly much (lol). The hero wasn’t a virgin, and he didn’t appear to be a manwhore (at least for the past year). There was no OW or OM drama either. 


Did I enjoy it? Completely!     
Was it perfect? Pretty much!
Would I recommend it? 100% YES!     
Who would enjoy this book? I think this would be a hit with all kinds of readers, and it should be safe for most readers as well. description


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