Wrangler by Dani Wyatt



After five lonely years out west, Chad Butler spots a curvy beauty in the crowd at his hometown honky-tonk and knows he has to have her. He’s going to lasso this little filly straight into his bed – and into his life.

Rachel Sweeting enjoys the peace she’s found in the middle of miles of cornfields with her Aunt Jessie. Her new life keeps her safely tucked away from the pain and embarrassment of her past. But, when her truck breaks down in the middle of the night and a hunky cowboy rides to the rescue, she’s knocked straight out of her boots.

Her romance books have told her love-at-first-sight is real and for the first time, Rachel is a believer. But when a dangerous past connection threatens their ride into the sunset, will Chad’s devotion to his woman be enough to save the day?

Authors Note: This cowboy hasn’t touched a woman in years, and when he falls, it’s hard and fast, making for an instant love connection and obsessed alpha hotness. If you’re looking for love-at-first-sight, NO cheating and filthy sweetness, come sit a spell but bring a fan, it’s hot.


Sexy as sin Cowboy meets damaged but lovable part time waitress. A plethora of caveman like MINE MINE MINEfollows, with a good deal of hot sexy times. Throw is a miniscule amount of angst, and you pretty much have the whole plot…


description“Now I’m going to tear the rest of your clothes off, Dove.” I don’t give her any time to take that in, spinning her around throwing her onto the bed and tugging her boots off, then tearing away her jeans so they turn inside out as I free them from her hips. The hips that will bear my children one day Yes, that’s right, I’m that far gone. And she’s soon going to realize that nothing’s going to come between my seed and her womb.”

I enjoyed this one, but I didn’t love it. I spent basically the whole book (except for the 3 or 4 pages of angst we got) thinking “Aww how sweet is this book.” and waiting forSOMETHING to happen. Everything was just so easy, and sweet, and smooth sailing. Finally when the sh!t hit the fan I was “YES” bring it on. Except, it basically fizzled into nothingness, and we went right back to the sweet as sugar smooth sailing gig. So like I said, it wasn’t a BAD read (lord knows I have read worse) but it certainly wasn’t anything to“WOW” over like a 13 year old at a Bieber concert. Props to the author though for including not one, but TWO epilogues. They seem to be sadly lacking in a lot of books recently…




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